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Your soul is your greatest guide. I support you in understanding and trusting what it's saying.

Meet Marissa


Marissa was always fascinated by those who could connect to the other side. And although she always believed in their gifts, she also believed that you must be born with the ability. So in her mid-thirties when spirit began their communication, Marissa was shocked that it could happen so late in life. After quite a bit of self-doubt, she learned to trust the guidance coming through and began supporting others by offering readings.  Marissa soon tapped into seeing past lives, future glimpses and supporting clients with answering the question, how do I discover my soul's purpose?  Marissa now knows that every single one of us has the ability to turn on our connection with God, spirit and the other side no matter when in your life you begin. Her greatest passion is to support clients in tuning into their own intuitive guidance. She offers 1:1 readings as well as her Soul Sourcing Course which focuses on how to truly access your own abilities.

Meet Marissa
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Denver, CO

"I really loved my session with Marissa and think about her messages almost daily. I will be honest, I came in very open and curious as never having worked with an intuitive before and left very inspired and so content. It was a beautiful experience and I highly recommend her gifts."

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The Netherlands

"I didn’t know what to expect from my reading with Marissa, I just knew I had to have one. What Marissa shared was beyond my expectations! It was so profound, so much was shared it changed my life! I feel supported now all the time by my spirit guides who were so loud in the reading. I’m still processing everything that came through even months later.  Thank you Marissa for your amazing gift!"


Santa Monica, CA

I was brand new to this type of work, but Marissa created a wonderfully supportive environment from the beginning. She certainly has a gift and was able to shine light on some questions I had that couldn't be answered in any other way. After our session, my heart felt at peace. I highly encourage anyone who's curious and open to work with her. Thank you, Marissa!


Vancouver, Canada

"Marissa is not only intuitive to to the messages that come forward but intuitive to the client, and it’s because of this skill that I felt comfortable to try something new - something I had always thought was not for me!"

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