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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't believe in God?

Sessions with Marissa have no religious affiliation or ties. However, spirit will often identify with whatever your belief system is and God has been known to make appearances. You don't need to believe in anything specific. This is solely your own soul's ability to connect with something greater than itself.

Can I record my reading?

Marissa can record your reading on zoom and will send you the audio file (video upon request) within 48 hours of your session. She will delete the file on her end after 30 days, so be sure to promptly save it in order to retrieve it at a later date.

What if nothing comes through?

There's no shortage of messages from your soul and the other side. The more sessions with Marissa allows deeper guidance to come forward and even the ability to heal generational trauma that has been passed to us unknowingly. Even if you have never met our grandparents or great-grandparents, they have a way of coming in to support you in tuning into your every day guidance.

What if the reading brings up negative things?

Readings with Marissa are always surrounded with love and light only allowing higher level spirits to come through. There are times that souls may bring up something that is harder to hear; however, it is only for them to shed light and love on the situation.

Why does it cost so much?

A reading with Marissa is a big energy exchange. Marissa knows that this pricing may be out of budget for some people. Interestingly, she was raised on welfare for her entire childhood so she is familiar with the discomfort of scarcity around money. Because of this, she also trusts that when something is meant to be it will be. She also is known to do giveaways on her instagram so be sure to follow her there.

What if I need more?

Marissa reccomends booking one session first and then going from there. She is also launching a 12 week online course in Spring 2024 so keep on the lookout for updates. 

Further Questions?

The Soul Sourceress will be in touch soon!

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