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Group Reading

A group reading with Marissa is a beautiful way to connect with spirit alongside your loved ones. This session will be held on zoom or in person for up to ten people, allowing each person their own unique reading in a group setting. Souls that have crossed over may step forward, along with future children, spirit guides or even past life souls. The messages that come forward will always surrounded by love and light and will meet each individual exactly where they are. These readings are timed and priced based on the number of guests and travel.

What Clients are Saying

"Marissa led a truly sacred reading at my bachelorette weekend which became the highlight of our time together. It was an unbelievably vulnerable experience and since a lot of the women at my party didn’t know one another, it immediately created an instant bond. There is no question that Marissa has an amazing gift; she was able to share a message with each woman present that was timely, meaningful, and important. We were all in tears by the end of it. I even had some ladies who were initially skeptical and didn’t want to get a reading (which Marissa totally respected) change their minds in the end and ask for one because of how accurate and powerful the session was for others. It was magical, validating, and assuring for all!"

-Sashee, San Diego CA

Interested in scheduling a group reading?

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