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Once in a While

We hear this voice within

Beckoning us to go out on a new limb

Then, our mind barges in 

Warning us the branch is far too thin

That we may fall to our death

That if we say yes, it may be our very last breath

For our mind is here to keep us small

To tell us that we can’t do anything at all

That we are far too young, too old or not enough

That we should stick to the smaller stuff

The things that we have been taught to do

What we have already said yes to

Even if that yes was many years before

And our heart isn’t in it anymore

Because if we stray from this path,

What if there is nothing left?

But the voice is wanting you to know

That your life comes from the overflow

It wants to shake away that mind-led voice

That tries to tell you it’s not your choice

Of who “makes it” in this world and who “does not”

And that you have stick with what you got

For the soul-led voice is asking you to dream

To allow the visions from your angel team

With the reminder that it’s all here for you

It’s time to believe that what they are saying is true

For we don’t receive glimpses of a future that belongs to someone else

These images are from your inner self

They are here to let you know

That that branch is ready to grow

It will get stronger stronger so that  it may hold

All of your yeses that are big and bold

That soul voice is here as your guide

Telling you there’s no need to hide

It's time to be seen

And to live your dream

For you are the lead character in your life

It’s meant to be filled with love and joy, not doubt and strife 

But to get from here to there you first must know

That it is safe to let go

So instead of just seeing the branch

And trying to decide if you should give it a chance

Remember that for that branch began as just a sprout

It started with trust and not doubt

And even though it may be buried deep

There’s part of you that’s ready to take that leap

For you’ve been preparing for this all along

Your soul is ready to sing its own song

The saying goes, l”eap and the net will appear”

What your soul wants you to know, is that net is already here

It’s been growing with you this whole time

Sometimes below the earth and out of the sunshine

But we all need roots to grow

And now it’s time to show

To show yourself that this is your time

To allow your soul-led self to shine

So take a breath and reach out to hold

Your branch, your path, for it’s laced with gold.


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