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An Earth Angel's Last Breath

Once I had hit send on the email that my Guidance had essentially written on its own, telling a potential client that I could support her by connecting to her friend, Frankie, who was in the ICU, things began to move quickly.

         She replied right away saying that she was going to ask Frankie’s husband, Jonny, if he was open to a reading and she also checked in with my mentor, Maura, who has introduced us, in order to ensure I was the right person to handle such a delicate situation. With green lights from both ends, we scheduled a reading two days later.

         My hands trembled as I nestled onto my bed, the only “office space” I had at that time, my laptop placed strategically in front of me so it wouldn't move. I called in my guides to wrap not only me in white light but everyone involved and then, unlike a typical reading where I open the floor to any soul, angel or loved one to step forward for the person I am reading, I specifically called in Frankie's energy. As I tuned in, I could tell that Frankie was completely unable to communicate in her current physical form and yet her messages came through quite quickly in her soul’s voice. She wanted me to assure her husband and friend that she was okay and that she wasn’t in any pain, in fact she was enjoying her connection with the angels. She then wanted to share about what had occurred.

         “I am seeing a horse,” I shared, the image hovering over my third eye. “Did the accident involve a horse?”

         “No,” her friend interjected. So I let the image go, waiting to see what else would come forward. But over and over again Frankie kept showing me a horse.

         “Okay she keeps showing me the horse,” I said confidently as when my channel was open, not even my mind could interject to dissuade me from what I was meant to say.

           “She was with our dog,” Jonny replied, “and we call her our horse.”

          A warm liquid peace flooded my body—Frankie’s sign that her message was heard. She then shared that there was nothing that could have stopped her asthma attack, that there was no one to blame and although it seemed like a fluke accident, it was part of her soul’s journey.

         As the conversation turned to questions around the chances of her waking up again, she didn’t answer directly, she shared that as of now she was okay. I left the call with a deep gratitude to be part of such a delicate situation and with a deep love for a family I had only just met.

         A few days later they reached out to let me know that things had taken a turn and they would like to have another session. I asked my husband to watch the girls and cleared my schedule to connect again with Frankie’s soul. As I began to tune in to her messages, she showed me a circle of people all gathered around her husband and friend even though I could only see the two of them on my computer screen. When I shared the image I was seeing, Jonny chuckled and said that the room they were in was filled with her loved ones, all sitting around in a circle. If I had known ahead of time that I would be sharing with so many people, my nerves and anxious negative thoughts would have intruded, but since I was already connected to Frankie’s voice, the messages moved through me without an ounce of self awareness.

         My head vibrated and my brain felt as though it was expanding. “Does she have swelling in her brain?” I asked.

         “Yes,” Jonny replied as he shared that overnight the doctors had gone from saying she just needed time to heal, to now not knowing how much time she had left.

           A white light, like a flashlight ignited near my throat began to move down into my heart. “It’s time to talk about my passing,” I heard, and her calmness allowed me to reiterate her words in the same manner: “Frankie wants to talk about her passing.”

         Tears instantly formed in Jonny’s eyes and for the first time, I could hear the friends and family gathered round as a few choked sobs emerged.

         “Her physical journey feels complete,” I continued, as the image of angels and saints stepped forward surrounding Frankie’s presence. “She is showing me that her soul is already where it’s meant to be.”

         Although I had worked with many souls who had crossed before, there was a different energy around where Frankie's soul was going. Not the typical plane that exists right above our own but instead that she was going up a few levels, directly with the angels.

         “She’s an angel,” I continued, as her wings opened wide from her back. “She was an angel that came to earth and she has done what she came here to do.”

         The tears and sniffles continued as did her messages. “She has had such a huge impact on so many people’s lives, not just on those in the room with you but far beyond. This is because she was an angel and so her love and life force were immeasurable.”

         Jonny nodded and shared how Frankie had changed countless lives in her time here on earth. As he spoke, her loving energy embraced his whole body as though she was giving him the biggest hug. His body shifted and I could tell he could feel her embrace.

         “She’s always going to be with you,” I told him. “Just like you can feel her now, you will always be able to hear and sense her with you. And now you can write that book,” I said as her voice echoed above my ears followed with an infectious giggle.

         Jonny promised to write and then asked, “When is she leaving?”

         An image of a bunny appeared in front of me “Easter,” I replied, my mind calculating that it was only a few days away.

         Although the echoes of cries were now clearly audible through the screen, the warm sense of calm washed over me as it had when Jonny had understood the significance of the horse and I knew her message was complete.

           “I love you,” Jonny told me as we said goodbye.

            Tears formed in my own eyes, “I love you too.” I replied, knowing that our deep heart connection that had been formed through Frankie’s guidance would forever be part of my story.

            And sure enough, this was just the beginning of Frankie nudging me to trust myself. She reminded me that she had come to me in a group reading a whole day before her accident depicting images of herself as a mermaid in order to ensure I would connect with Jonny and release my perceived notions around how and when a soul or angel can communicate.

         Jonny said goodbye to Frankie that Easter Sunday. As Frankie completely released from her human experience, she would appear to me every so often with messages to share. As I was driving down from Los Angeles to San Diego the weekend of her funeral, she called shotgun and bopped along to the music, even putting on three songs in a row with lyrics about angels. I later passed the messages along to Jonny and shared something else she highlighted.

        “You are supposed to start a course,” she told me, “to support Jonny in tuning into his guidance so he can write a book.”

         Oh, okay, I replied in my head as images began to come forward of the outline for my course.

         Although Jonny wasn’t quite ready to join that first course I led, Frankie’s guidance pushed me to continue to move forward and launch it! Once I did, everything began to make sense and I realized why I had begun my connection with the other side in my mid-thirties. If they had begun as a child, I wouldn’t have been able to explain how they turned on. But as an adult I was able to watch as each of mine began which allowed me to teach others how to tune into their own abilities. Watching mine turn on allowed me to understand that every single one of us has these abilities, we just need some support in remembering how to listen.

          Leading courses soon became my most favorite part of what I do. Whether it's supporting my clients in connecting with their own soul’s wisdom, seeing their own past lives play out, connecting to soul’s that had crossed over, or even doing readings for someone else, my greatest joy is being witnessing them trust themselves.

          As Frankie had predicted, Jonny did in fact join a course a year-and-a-half later and I am so grateful to witness him lean into his incredible guidance more and more every day. But Frankie not only brought Jonny to the course, she also had put another plan in action….Although I knew that Jonny had recorded our sessions, I had no idea how widely they had been shared until a distant relative of Jonny's, who had never even met him before, reached out saying that the recording had changed her life…

To be continued next week…


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