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Baby Souls

Future baby souls are often my favorite communicators when it comes to connecting to souls on the other side. They don’t follow the same rules as souls that have crossed over who can only come through when my channel is open but instead they like to drop right into casual conversation when I am with their future parent. They hover over their mom or dad excitedly with a glowing white light and send messages for me to share with them. When my channel is fully open during a reading, future babies appear to me on a swing set, which is their sign that they are waiting to swing into the world. Sometimes a grandparent or loved one that has crossed over will also appear with them, pushing them on the swing to show that their souls are together. Then the baby’s soul will begin to share their message, oftentimes portraying themselves as a boy or a girl so that their parent knows who is coming.

Although gender isn’t always a huge deal to every parent, I find that baby souls like to connect with the body they will be entering into in this lifetime. They often are trying to release their memory of a past life where they may have been the opposite gender. In order to connect with their new body, they show up as that specific gender to get themselves, as well as their parent, comfortable with who they will be.

During my own journey to become a mother, I went through five years of trying to conceive. Throughout all the heartbreak I always felt my childrens’ souls around me. It was as though they were hovering over my shoulders willing me to move forward to meet them. This deep connection with my own future babies makes all of my connections to future baby souls even more special. 

In a group reading just over a year ago, three sisters shared the time together. A swing set appeared over one of them and I asked if she had been thinking about having another child. 

“Yes,” she replied. The baby very quickly declared that he was a boy but then showed the image of his older brother. “He wants you to know he won’t be as hard as his brother was as an infant. He’s a very chill soul, but he also very much  wants to join you.”

“Oh my goodness,” she replied.”That’s the exact reason we have been unsure about having another. “ She explained that her older son as an infant made them not sure if they could handle another but now that he was four years old they were trying to decide if they wanted one more.

“He also is showing me that there is just one of him, no more.” I continued.

She laughed with an audible exhale of relief, “that’s the other reason we have been unsure, we really don’t want twins!”

Well last month, one sweet baby boy entered the world, making their family feel complete! His mom reached out to share that he also was very clear on what his name should be. She had been questioning which name to choose in order to print it on his Christmas stocking and finally landed on Bennett. As she went to pay for the stockings, the discount code that she opened read “BEN” which was the exact message she needed to confirm his name,

 and proof that souls are always communicating. We just have to be open to hearing them.

Another client that I worked with had a son who popped up at the very beginning of our first session together, claiming that he was ready to come into the world.

“I am still engaged,” she replied, “so hopefully not yet!”

“I would be extra careful then,” I added, as he insisted that he was coming that year. He went on to lead all three of our sessions together, getting his mom very comfortable with the fact that she would have a son before having a daughter, something she had been a bit nervous about.

Last week she messaged me to let me know that she is in fact pregnant with a boy and that he had been patient enough to wait two  whole months after their wedding to join them, but in 2023 just as he had promised. 

Another client, Missy, who was on the journey to consciously conceiving for quite some time had a baby girl come through in our reading. The soul kept showing me over and over again that she was a girl but then a disappointed energy around Missy’s womb.

“Have you been wanting a boy?” I asked.

“I always felt like my first would be a boy, if not twins.” Missy replied.

“She wants you to know that it’s just her.” I shared, “she does have a brother that is coming but wants you to be open to a daughter first.”

“Oh, of course I am!” she replied, and that’s all that sweet baby needed to hear; her energy completely relaxed and filled Melissa’s womb with a pink glow. She found out she was in fact already pregnant a week later with a girl! 

Although usually babies come through with the exact gender that they will be in this lifetime, sometimes they have a reason to hide who they will be. In my first Twelve-Week Soul Sourcing Course that I led, two baby souls stepped forward for two of the participants before we began, and by the end of the course they were pregnant. One of the baby souls made it known very clearly all along that she was a girl. The other baby soul; however,  had  a trick up their sleeve.

Each time I would connect with this baby’s soul, they would show me the symbol of a penis. Now, this is not typically my sign that there is a boy energy, but this soul was adamant about this being what I shared with their mom. No matter what I did to try to get through in a different way, over and over again I was met with the image of male genitalia. 

My client struggled with the concept of carrying a boy as it brought up trauma from her relationship with her father. We spent the next few weeks delving into and releasing this pain to clear a path to connect with the concept of having a son.

Well, when she got the gender results back she was surprised to hear that it was a girl! When I reconnected with the soul’s energy again, she showed me that the image she had been showing me of a penis was in fact a sword that she had masked underneath. She used it to cut through all the pain from the past, to release the old traumas and fears for her mom.

“You wouldn’t have been able to heal from all of this if you knew I was a girl,” the baby girl shared. “It’s important for you to heal and be whole again.”

Another client, Vanessa, that I channeled for in a group reading had a baby girl come through. Vanessa was already pregnant but didn’t know the gender and the baby kept showing she was a girl over and over again. Vanessa was thus quite shocked to find out that she was in fact carrying a boy. When I connected with this soul during our next reading, the girl energy that had been coming forward separated from her brother’s energy that she had been surrounding and showed me that she was coming next.

“In case you thought you only wanted two children, she’s here to say that she would like you to have a third!”

Once you are pregnant with one child, the next in line can show up quite strongly, especially if they have been waiting for their older sibling to take their turn so they can have their own. This soul found the perfect opening to announce that she too would like to join their family. 

My second daughter was very much the same and once her sister had finally come through into the world, she decided to make herself known. I actually have no memory of making the appointments to do another round of IVF in order to conceive her, it’s as though she put it all together for us. She had a very clear plan as it happened that we did the embryo transfer just two weeks before the labs shut down during the pandemic.  She had found her opening and she took it.

When baby souls share messages they are always so powerful and beautiful. Hearing from my own children before they came into this world is how I was able to navigate and grow during all those years of wishing to be their mom and it’s an honor to be able to share those messages with my clients too. If you are wanting to connect with a future baby soul yourself, start by trusting that they are with you and ask for them to show you a specific sign. When we are open, we can see, hear, sense and feel all the guidance around us and within us, not just from babies but from our angels, guides and loved ones too.

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