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Becoming The Soul Sourceress

The nudge to call myself The Soul Sourceress came louder and louder. No matter how much I tried to ignore it or push it away, it would show up again in my notebook and play loudly above my ears.

In a conversation with God I begged, “Please don’t make me call myself that; I just don’t want to be that person.”

“And what person is that?” I heard back. “One that trusts in their guidance and the nudge over everything else? One that is led to exactly what they are meant to do and listens?”

I felt like I had reached my threshold of acting solely on trust as I had just listened to another huge nudge that had moved our family from Los Angeles to Austin, something I never mentally thought that I would do, and yet, the calling similar to this had kept coming.

“Okay fine,” I begrudgingly replied. “I’ll do it, but not yet, I need a break.”

I took off a month of doing readings while we moved, but even once I was settled and the date had come and passed when I had told myself that I would create and launch my new website, I stalled. The fears ran rampant on what other people would think of me.

Since I hadn’t always had these abilities, I was very aware that my friends from high school and college and even mommy and me groups, could be confused on how this was what I was now doing for a living and calling extra attention to myself by changing my Instagram handle and creating a website called The Soul Sourceress was not something I was particularly excited about doing. 

However, the nudge continued to arrive over and over again and finally I tucked myself into my bed and created a new website, working endlessly for four days until it was complete, opening my availability and also, with more guidance, increased the pricing because my offerings were also shifting. Yes, I had started out by announcing myself as a medium, calling myself Marissa the Medium in my original social media announcement, but now I was diving into something deeper. I was realizing that the reason I hadn’t had these abilities since birth was because I was meant to watch them turn on, one at a time. As they did, I was able to observe how to teach others to do the same. 

My readings had always been more than just a loved one that had crossed over coming through with signs and symbols for my clients. They came through to share with people about their life’s path and what they needed to know to trust themselves. For example: A client’s mother who had crossed came through to not only share a message for my client, but she wanted to focus on her grandson. She shared that he needed to switch schools to a private school that was more STEM based. When I told my client this, she replied that they had missed the deadline to apply to any other school, but her mom insisted, “try anyway, they will make an exception for him.” A few months later my client reached out to share that although they had missed every deadline, the school did in fact make an exception and that her son is thriving. “He is singing and dancing at home now because he is so happy.” she shared. 

Her mother not only wanted to support her grandson on his path but she gave the nudge to her daughter to trust in herself even when a door seems closed, there is a possibility of it opening again.

Past life regressions also began appearing in readings with clients but it wasn’t about just seeing what my clients had been in their past lives, but about understanding how the pain or blockage from that lifetime was showing up in this lifetime and their soul supporting them in releasing it. For example: A client that I worked with for quite some time had a few past life regressions that came through, one in which she was alive at the same time as Jesus and one in which she was alive at the same time as Joan of Arc. In both of these lifetimes she had been very close to these people and yet she felt insignificant next to their incredible power and abilities. Thus in this current lifetime she continued to find ways to stay insignificant and to not step into her own power. Her soul shared that this was her time to remember how she was meant to use what she had seen and learned previously in order to stand in her own incredible brilliance here and now.

  Angels and spirit guides also showed up in readings as well as energy centers in my clients’ bodies where old stories or beliefs were blocking them. Sometimes guides stepped forward with specific names they wanted to be called to support my clients in hearing and understanding them. I also can feel in my own body how your guidance comes through, for example this week a client’s third eye center kept lighting up and clear visuals came through.  When I asked if she sees images that may have been written off as a vivid imagination, she replied “yes!” This is the way in which her guides communicate to her, so now she knows to pause and trust these images when they do show up.

As I stood back and witnessed all that was unfolding in my readings, it was as though the lights on my path were igniting to show me the way. I was not meant to be the holder of these abilities, but instead to be the guide to support others in tuning into their own. This insight supported me in accepting the name change as I realized that this mission was bigger than me and that in teaching the art of sourcing one’s own soul and trusting in one’s own guidance was why my soul had incarnated at this time,

In one swift movement, I announced my new instagram handle, my new website and my new Soul Sourcing Course and I leaned into the deep trust that I was being guided along the whole way, just as you are.

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