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Don't Dim to Fit In!

As the clarity of signs coming through from souls that crossed over grew, so did the signs and messages coming through for my officially launched business. One morning as I pushed my youngest daughter in her stroller toward the dog park, the image of a group gathered on Zoom appeared above my eye line.

A group reading? I wondered, my throat instantly tight as I contemplated how members of the group would know who the messages were for. No thanks, I announced as we pulled up to the gate of the dog park, my little one’s feet kicking fast as her excitement pumped through her whole body and her panting began.

“Yes, that is what doggy says,” I cooed, panting along with her to imitate a dog as we watched a plethora of them milling around the park, barking and chasing one another.

The image of the group reappeared but I tried to ignore it and pointed out what kind of dogs we were seeing. Yet, the more I pushed it away the stronger it became.

Fine, I begrudged, as I plopped my daughter back in the stroller and waved goodbye to all the dogs, promising her we would be back again soon as well as promising my spirit team that I would post a group offering.

A week later I had eight people on my screen ready for a reading. My palms were damp and my throat dry as I repeated the mantra in my head: thank you for allowing me to step back and bringing forth the messages for their souls, the best words I had found to keep my thoughts at bay so I could tune into what was coming through.

Soon enough an energy came through on my right side—my sign of a male energy—and sat right over my shoulder, my sign that he was a father figure. He showed me a bench with a plaque created in his honor. As I shared what I saw, one of the women chimed in that this was her father and was eager to hear the rest of his messages.

When signing up for the group reading, the clients were told that they may or may not receive messages specifically for them, but as the time on the clock announced that the call should end, my heart was heavy with guilt and I continued to allow energies to step forward until everyone had received a message. The call lasted over two hours and I had an energy hangover for the following two days.

At the same time, I also celebrated how clearly the signs had come through and that there had been no confusion on who the messages were for. I contributed this to the cheat sheet that spirit had given me to understand who was stepping forward: Male souls always entered from my right-hand-side while female energies entered from my left. How close or how far above my shoulder they sat also indicated which generation they were a part of. If it was a parent entering, they hovered right at my shoulder line while grandparents came in about six inches above my shoulder and great grandparents above that. If it was a friend or cousin that passed, they would hover below my shoulders to indicate that they were equals or closer to the same age.

So, for example if a grandmother energy entered a reading, I would feel her come through on my left-hand-side and hover about six inches above my left shoulder. Once I identified her, I would tune in to if she was a paternal or maternal grandmother. If she was linked with the client’s female lineage she would stay put on the left-hand-side, however if she was from the client’s paternal side, she would switch to my right, so that I would understand that she was linked to their male lineage. These clear indicators made it much easier to quickly identify who it was that was coming through to share their messages.

After my first successful group reading, I began to receive requests to host another one and added it to the calendar a month later. This time, opening only six spots to allow time for each of them to receive a message. The spots quickly filled and yet when the time came, one client was a no-show despite paying and confirming she would join. During the call, almost every sign or symbol was clear right away to the person it was intended for, except for one:

“I’m seeing someone that is like a sister to you,” I shared, feeling the energy coming in below my shoulder line with a warm loving liquid pouring into my heart. “ She’s showing me that you have mermaid tales and are swimming down under the sea together holding hands, as if to say nothing can separate you.”


I kept going. “She’s showing she can breathe under the water and yet it’s different now.”

I received only blank stares.

“Hmm,” I said. “No one lost someone who was a friend who left before it felt like their time?”

They all shook their heads, “Okay,” I replied shrugging. “It could be for the woman who was meant to be here as I called in her energy before we began.. Let’s move on.”

I physically shook out my hands to release the strong images and continued on with the next messages. But when I signed off, I immediately emailed the woman who hadn’t been there to check in on her as well as offer her a discounted reading.

She wrote back the next day to say that she had somehow completely forgotten, even though she had been very focused on joining the whole day leading up to it. Then she informed me that she wasn’t sure when or if she’d be able to do another reading as that morning one of her best friends had had an accident and was in the ICU.

My fingers quickly typed: “I’m so sorry and I completely understand, I’m here for you…”

But I stopped as the calming voice came through me, “Tell her that you have the ability to connect with those in the in-between.”

My chest tightened, my heart pounded, No, no, no, I argued back. But my guidance was reminding me of one of my very first readings when I was asked to connect with a client’s mom who had dementia. I hadn’t known if I would be able to and yet as I focused in on her energy, the messages had appeared. Ever since then, souls who were still in their earthly bodies but who struggled to communicate would pop in during readings.

I don’t know if I can support in this way, my mind continued, wanting to just hit send on what I had written.

“Tell her,” the voice urged.

Pounding the delete key a little too hard, I took a deep breath and wrote, “I’m not sure if your friend is able to communicate or not in her current state but I do have the ability to connect with loved ones that are still earthbound and not fully able to speak. I’ve done a few readings like this so please let me know if I can be of service.”

And before I could even allow myself to re-read it, I hit send, half of me hoping to help and half of me hoping to be completely ignored.

I had no idea that those few sentences were the beginning of a journey I will never forget. The opening that allowed me to support a family as their loved one, Frankie, left her earthly form. And also an opening that shifted the course of my entire vision of what I am meant to do in this world.

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