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Past Lives

Although I originally categorized myself as a medium, I soon learned that my readings brought forth many facets and energies, not just souls that had crossed over. The first time I experienced a past life regression, I struggled to make sense of what was occurring. During a reading with a client, an energy on my left hand side appeared and tugged me to follow it and I intuitively let the energy lead the way. We spun in a tornado-esque motion and my client’s energy moved with us, landing the three of us in the bushes as though we were hiding from the scene that began to play out in front of us.  

I described what I was seeing to my client, a house set in the woods and a chimney puffing with smoke. A woman appeared in the distance and gazed around as if she were ensuring she wasn’t being followed before she ducked inside. Although we stayed tucked into our hiding spot, the scene shifted to show the inside of the one room house where a group of women were gathered, all speaking in hushed tones. 

The soul that had tugged us to follow her stepped out of our hiding spot and took her place in the scene. She was a young girl around thirteen years of age and she approached her mother,  grandmother and older sister as the meeting came to order.

“They’re onto us,” the grandmother announced, still speaking in a whisper. “We need to keep everything under wraps more than usual.”

Dismayed outbursts erupted throughout the women gathered in the circle before being shushed to silence by the girl’s mother.

“Our magic is getting more powerful,” she added. “They can feel it and they are ready to take this away from us.”

“But we have to stay and fight,” another woman announced, which elicited an array of cheers from the group.

“Fighting will never get us anywhere,” the grandmother replied. “Standing in our power, however, will allow us to leave on our own terms.”

“Go gather more firewood,” the mother said to the young girl who I had come to understand was my client’s soul in this past life sequence. 

The meeting continued in hushed terms as they discussed a plan to practice magic without being caught as the young girl walked outside to look for wood. After poking around for a moment, she shimmied up a tree, and peeked out the top of the branches. 

Clearly taking longer than expected, the mother then sent her older daughter outside to find her sister. She called out to her but was shushed  by her younger sister whose gaze was transfixed on something in the distance. Her view becoming my own, I described to my client that a group of men were charging toward them, torches in hand. 

The young girl’s throat went hoarse, her mouth moving but no words escaped. Without a response, her older sister had climbed the tree to see for herself what was happening. Just then, the men burst into the clearing and headed straight for the door. The older sister cried out and tried to shimmy down the tree but her younger sister grabbed hold of her hand, her pleading eyes begging her not to go.

The men stampeded into the house announcing that the witches needed to burn and brutally assassinated anyone that tried to escape. The girls’ grandmother stood tall in the center in a calm knowing way as the building burned to the ground.

As smoke filled the scene, the younger sister tugged gently on her older sister’s arm and slipped down from the tree and into the woods. 

The scene began to fade, an anxious pitter patter of my heart settled in. The young girl’s energy stepped forward along with my client’s energy, showing me that this pattern of worry began in this first lifetime and was still felt today. 

“You hold a deep guilt inside of you from this lifetime,” I translated from the girl’s lips to my client’s ears. “You worry that you are going to let everyone down and it actually feels like life or death even if it’s something small.”

My client nodded in agreement.

“You are more worried about everyone else being taken care of in this lifetime and put yourself last as you are wanting to make up for being the lone survivor in the lifetime before.”

Tears were now streaming down my client’s cheeks as I continued with the messages that were flowing through. 

“It’s time to break that cycle.” I shared, as a new scene began to appear from the past life from a few years later. The two sisters were living in the woods still, in a home they had created, and, although they were hidden, they were practicing their magic which filled them with great joy.

“You were meant to survive in that lifetime,” I continued, “not only for yourself but for your sister too. It wouldn’t have changed anything if you had died with them. It also allowed your abilities to grow.

This is your witch wound,” I continued, the words coming out before I could realize what I was saying. “It’s a lifetime in which you had great power and abilities but you or someone else was killed because of this magic. In your case, because you watched everyone that you loved die in front of you, you believe that if you share your power now, others will perish.”

My client nodded again, “I have a deep fear of trusting in myself as I feel like it’s inevitably going to hurt someone else.”

“She wants you to know that this is the lifetime to release that connection and stand in your power, because you have incredible abilities that are needed in this lifetime and they are being pushed away because of fear.”

The past life began to fade as we returned into the present and my client shared, “It’s just so validating to know that this deep guilt I carry has a reason it’s present. Life doesn’t feel so intimidating anymore.”

I was grateful for her takeaway as our session ended and my mind began to work again, trying to contextualize what had just occurred. I soon realized how powerful these trips into the past could be as it not only could free them from the pain they may still be holding onto but it could also remind them of the great power they still possess.

As my work with past lives continued to grow, I became especially fond of visiting client’s lifetimes in which they experienced a “witch wound”. Although we typically think of witches being burned or killed in Salem, many past life regressions showed me that the wounds that silenced their abilities have occurred all throughout history. Becoming aware of these past wounds in this lifetime now is so important as we are meant to heal the pain of being silenced and step out into the light, proud of the powers we possess.

As these past life regressions kept revealing themselves for my clients, I felt the call to experience them for myself as well, and soon enough I began discovering my own witch wound…


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