Soul Sourcing

Marissa tapped into her own abilities to connect with the other side in her mid-thirties. The later onset of her abilities taught her that every single one of us has the ability to do the same. This is why she launched her first Soul Sourcing Course in August 2022 where she had been supporting and teaching women how to tap into their own abilities, guidance and soul's path. The initial three month course has morphed into the next course which will be ten months long. It begins January 2023 (sign-ups start in November 2022) The first five months will be focused on tuning into and trusting your guidance while the second half will be about following your soul's path in this lifetime. 



What is Soul Sourcing?

Soul sourcing is defined as the ability to source your own soul for guidance, wisdom and your life's work.

What does the ten-month program look like?

The soul sourcing group will be a group of ten women who are ready to say YES to turning on their ability to connect with their guidance and soul's wisdom. 

Why ten women?
The power of a group coming together with this intention has infinite more possibilities and power than beginning this journey alone. The group setting also allows space to be fully yourself and loved exactly as you are.

What is the cadence of the group?

We will meet two times monthly as a group, one group call and one soul sourcing sister circle. Additionally you will have a 1:1 with Marissa every six weeks during the program as well as more access to her that she will share in your discovery call.

When does it start?

January 15th- November 15th

(we will break for the month of August)

Tell me more!

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