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Soul Sourcing


When does the next course begin?

The next course will be launched online soon, join the mailing list below to join in on the adventure! 


What is Soul Sourcing?

The ability to connect with your own soul's guidance in every moment. We each have innate intuition that comes in but often struggle to always trust this nudge. This container offers the space to tune into that guidance so that instead of searching for the answers outwardly, you learn to trust that you already have them within.

What makes this special?

Marissa didn't discover her abilities to connect with angels, guides and souls that have crossed over until her mid-thirties. Because of this, she was able to observe how they unfolded allowing her to know exactly how to support others in tuning into their own unique guidance and abilities that we have forgotten about over our lifetimes.

What will I accomplish during the course?

Each of you will have your own unique experience during our time together and yet if you choose it, your life will be forever shifted as you learn to trust your own divine connection. 

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London, UK

"I absolutely loved this course. It was a journey of deep connection, healing myself and letting go of old beliefs that no longer served me. I began trusting my intuition and inner voice so much more, healed ancestral wounds and became more free and whole again. The mix of the group sessions and connecting with Marissa alone is a powerful during these weeks and i loved that we had our messaging group to connect in between calls. This connection let’s you grow & heal even more because I felt these beautiful souls cheering me on as i went about my day. I trusted myself more with every day of the course, grew so much more confident, calm and present and felt so supported. I would get so excited to share any new 'aha' moments or growth experiences within the group which made me even more excited about my life, my growth and all the changes ahead. It’s been one of the best experiences of connecting to other women, life’s energy, spirit and my inner wisdom.. So many big 'aha' moments during the course and throughout the months afterwards.

Trusting, connecting, calmness and being really present are some of the words that best describe my journey during Soul Sourcery."  

What participants are saying:

Los Angeles. CA

"This course has inspired me to relearn how to love myself and be the best person I can be for my family and loved ones. I feel like I have the tools now to trust my intuition, heal old wounds, and have a greater sense of purpose for how I want to show up in the world. I have clarity and feel more at peace. I’m forever grateful for this experience."

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Petaluma, CA

"I singed up for the Soul Sourcing course because I am entering a new phase of my life and career. I wanted to consciously structure it in a grounded and intuitive way. For years I have been feeling disconnected from myself, my path and felt lost and stuck in the weeds. Through the work in this course and Marissa's guidance I was able to reconnect with my true self, God and my guides. I developed daily practices to become more deeply rooted in my being and knowing how to connect to divine guidance. I also developed wonderful relationships with likeminded women, who continue to be a part of my life and support system. Everyone has the ability to connect with their soul's guidance. You just have to do the work, trust, and tap in."

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